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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 13, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> next at eight. warnings tonight about another bart strike. and management has a plan to keep trains running. ahead. plus-- ".knew of doggie diner." they vanished from the bay area scene, decades ago, now the iconic doggy diner the bull loughnerwe'll see you at eight. >> pam: now at eight. strike two heading down the bart tracks. >> we are very far apart we are very concerned. >> pam: unions warning about management plans to run the trains without them. we will have reaction from riders. j.r. stone is live at the lake merritt station. what is the and a they are
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thinking about extra charter buses and also thinking about there could be another strike this one, could last for weeks. >> this could be serious that abort might not be running on october 11th >> reporter: you heard it, the possibility of another bart strike. >> we feel that we have an obligation to see weather it would be possible to provide bart service. >> reporter: this would be limited skeletal service with management, not union members that could be help with their trans operation background. >> with some real operation experience but not many. >> reporter: they are in the early stages of how this would work and how trains would operate. they wrote.
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>> skeletal service service. and it would be very much like our bus service. for people that have no other alternatives. >> reporter: we still have 28 days before we could see some board strikes. keep in mind the board of directors would have to vote on keeping some of these trains going. and they also want to have the 120 buses on the streets if there is another strike. j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> j.r. -- stone, kron 4 news. >> governor brown spoke about this lack of progress. >> i hope that they would better get going. >> pam: this is video during
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that ticketing. during the july 4th holiday if you remember there was some confusion of the roadways. the traffic was lighter because of the holidays but we spoke with commuters. to keep the trains running if the workers run off. >> we hope the they have the experience. but i do not think that is going to solve the long term problem. >> as long as the trains keep running, i do not care so i can get to work. >> that does not say if they do not know how to drive. >> by this want them to figure it out so we can start to get on a normal schedule and worry about how we're going to get to work. i do not have any other input but this has been a nightmare. >> pam: continuing a working team coverage to put
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a management behind the wheel is a major say to sit concerned dan kerman. >> reporter: not only do they think that this is a bad idea but it is really not available. not enough management is even available if they were trained or even other areas of expertise. >> none of these people that they are talking about have any specifics, relevant knowledge. they should not be doing it or putting the public at risk. >> reporter: there were quick to react. >> all were trained operators are trained on the 16th week t. and then another, 90 day probation.
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it is reckless to think that they have been able to think that they could operate the trains. >> reporter: they think that these management could do this but not only just running the trains but the other supplemental support staff. talked about what above key support staff that they talking about mechanics, or the engineers. >> reporter: also they have caused the tank that the management could have caused problems on the previous strike they should spend less time on the ideas like this in more ideas at the bargaining table to find out how they're going to come up with a compromise with a settlement to avoid another
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strike. reporting live, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> the california legislator bill passed a bill that would provide a warning system. >> scientists predict that there is a 94 percent that a 7.0 magnitude could strike. if gov. brown would sign this, there would be an $80 billion to 80-- million-dollar signin bills signed. (whoosh) seismic event detected ,,, seconds could save lives. now california could get a statewide quake warning whoosh a friday the 13th scare for
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some window washers. this would be a network of earthquakes sensors that would detect heathat these are on the way. when finished, this could provide with one minute of warnings. that an earthquake is coming that perhaps does not sound like that much? however, that is enough to take cover, shut off power, and shut down public transportation contract deal. this week, the california legislature passed a bill that would create a
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detection system to send outkron 4's charles clifford is live in the newsroom with details. scientist predict that over the next 30 years there is a ninety-four percent chance that a magnitiude 7.0 or strike in california. southern california is at the greatest risk. if governor brown approves this new legislation, the state will spend eighty million dollars building a system to detect earthquakes and send out warnings. when an earthquake hits, the first signs of trouble are what are called seismic p- waves travelling through the earth. p-waves generally don't cause any problems, but they are often followed by more destructive s-waves which can damage buildings, bridges and roadways. if approved by the governor, require the california office of emergency services and a variety of other agencies to develop a network of earthquake sensors across the state. those sensors would detect p-waves then the network would quickly send out warnings that s- waves are on the way. when completed, the system could provide people up a that an earthquake is coming. that may not sound enough time to slow down trains, pull over cars, shut off utilities or take cover. a similar system already exists in japan. in march 2011 warnings were sent out to 52 million people prior to the 9.0 earthquake that stuck just off the coast. a test sensor network, called the california has been watching for earthquakes since 2001 but it's very limited and doesn't send out warnings to the general public. the new system would be a more network. the governor has not said if he will approve the plan. he has until october 13th to act on the bill. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. in addition to the system. the calaiornia lawmakers approves other high profile
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bills.including one raising minimum wage for state workers. currently it's 8 dollars and hour. by 2014 it will go up to 9 and hour. then 10 dollars and hour in 2016. it will be one of the highest in the country. some cities, including san francisco, have slightly higher minimum wages. another bill approved will allow undocumented immigrants to legally get divers licenses. several other attempts had passed the legislature only to be vetoed by previous governors. and a win for domestic workers.who will now get overtime if they work more than 9 hours in a day or 45 hours in a week. does not apply to part-time baby sitters.but it covers maids, cooks, and other care-givers. during overtime hours.workers will be paid time and a half. however, the bill expires in 2017 unless the legislature votes to renew it.
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the rig, but the cable snapped. the worker was tethered to the building so he was able to repel back to a safe area. crews managed to use machines and cables to grab the basket. an investigation is underway into why the cable line snapped. >> only on kron-4. a brazen robbery caught on camera. early this morning in pleasanton. a suspect enters this 7-11. the clerk was inside a cooler, when the suspect tries to lock him in. the suspect then hops over the counter and heads for the register. the 7-11 employee briefly confronts the thief, but the suspect takes off. pleasanton police say, no weapon was used during the robbery and the search is still on for this man. >> barry bonds and his legal team are re-grouping. after his obstruction of justice appeal. was denied this morning. a federal appeals court upheld the guilty verdict. the court found. that the testimony he gave to a grand jury in 2003 was quote - "evasive". and said, that hindered the investigation into the use of performance
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-enhancing drugs. bonds is facing 30 days of house arrest. and two years >> hopeful new developments tonight. pointing to a diplomatic settlement of the syrian crisis. secretary of state john kerry says, two days of geneva talks have been constructive. reports indicate. the u=s has agreed to drop any threat of force. from a planned u=n resolution on chemical weapons. the arab league delegate said, an agreement on chemical weapons could lead to a resumption of peace talks between the rebels and the assad government. meantime. the wall street journal reported today. the syrian government has been dispersing its stockpiles of poison gas. to as many as 50 sites. to make them more >> ahead at eight. officials struggling to find answers. after flames destroy the new jersey boardwalk. plus: a united airlines error has customers thinking they won the lottery. we'll explain. coming up. and. they vanished from the bay area scene decades ago, now the iconic doggy diner heads are back. with an extreme new makeover. that's next. if you liked the temperatures today, you were going to love this weekend. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great deals the easy way. you do enough flying around. that's why we give you real big club card deals.
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>> coming of this to doug the diner below what is so great is this it doggy//
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diner. it is great to bravehearto provide these greatw still on for this man. >> a warning to parents tonight. kids are taking part in a risky game. where they try to make themselves 'faint'. kron 4's justine waldman has seen students playing the game on campus. in a story you will only see on kron 4. >> reporter: it is called the "pass out game" or the thumb blowing game. it is dangerous and kids are doing it. videos on youtube show us how to play this bizarre craze. kids crutch down, breath deep and then blow on their
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thumbs. the result. the kids faint. apparently they have weird dreams when they are passed out. one kids shakes on the ground others fall so hard they could hurt themselves. reports say, this 12-year old british boy collapsed and ended up in a coma after he copied videos he watched online. at sinaloa middle school in novato..the school sent out a warning letter to parents. after a few kids were caught playing the thrill game on campus. no kids were hurt. and the school wants to keep it that way. sinalo wants parents to tell their kids not to accept any blowing game challenges. kron 4 news spoke with family members who said they don't want their kids doing anything this stupid. >> i would not be exactly
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thrilled by this. >> and definitely going to talk to her about this and warned her about this. >> it is almost as stupid as putting your head in a bucket of water and seeing how long you can put your self underwater. >> the school says that they are fully aware it is unsafe i don't know whether it is the cin game or head in water.stay away even worse s staff knows about the game and if any kids are seen doing it on campus the school will act immediately. in novato justine waldman >> pam: dangerous flash flooding in colorado continues tonight-- after what's been described as a "biblical" amount of rainfall. there are ongoing evacuations. a number of people are still unaccounted for. and the death toll is now up to four. as kron 4's catherine heenan reports, there has been so much damage -- it could be days or even weeks before there's even a damage estimate. >> catherine: this is is
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amazing. >> this is friday, the 13th. >> the flooding has taken a huge toll on roads and highways. this is an aerial view from boulder county.where a road has completely washed away. coffee-colored torrents of water have been cascading down from the rockies. transforming creeks and rivers. and eating away at homes, roads.businesses. the national guard is on the scene. trying to reach hundreds of people still stranded. one of the 80- year-old man who started to evacuate. and then for reasons his daughter doesn't understand.apparently went back inside his home. >> he perhaps decided that it was not time to go so we have not heard from him since 2:30 a.m. >> catherine: authorities have been pleading with people to be safe and stay away. people are in shock - but at the same time fascinated
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by the dramatic scenes of flooding. >> if you get here you might not be able to get out most roads are closed. >> catherine: experts say this isn't just fast-moving water. it's almost like liquid cement.with tons of debris. the national guard says it's helped to evacuated hundreds of people. and friday, added helicopter flights to the ongoing search and rescue efforts. catherine heenan, kron 4 news. >> we made it to friday. as we can see it is a really nice shot on this friday. i know that it is friday the 13th but i indoor that color red. in downtown san francisco, you can see that since it is 60 degrees. here is the satellite & radar, it is quiet. however, showers
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and thunderstorms in portions of lake tahoe. that threat will continue but look at this area of low pressure off the coast. this could for its some cooler temperatures and also the chance for sunday widespread rainfall. we will talk about that but san jose, 70 degrees. a nice day in walnut creek and downtown san francisco, 60s. your kron 4 7 day around the bay temperatures for the next several days are looking pretty good. no major problems with the exception of the rainfall or riding in the bay area. >> pam: house, like the customers online cashed in on some very this very discounted airline tickets. >> and also an online music
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store. >>gary: coming up later when you see aleica. can see that it is e-mail time. coming up later
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>> a man who was trying to cross the atlantic ocean. using hundreds of balloons, is headed home. after landing short of his goal. officials say, jonathan trappe landed in newfoundland. they say he reported having trouble controlling the balloons before making a safe landing. this is video of him taking off. about 12 hours earlier in maine. instead of using a hot- air balloon, trappe was using more than 300- helium- filled balloons. like those used in the animated movie "up." >> coming up the music grew
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will play google -- play will connect people on line with their music interests. >> we have people come into our studio performance of their own a songs or cover songs. as part of this promotion we found a lot of temporary bans on and they were able to cherry pick their own favorites. (music) for more information on who will play on google
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play >> this just in to the kron 4 news room >> i am looking at everything! we are going here, we are going there! we are going to do christmas and now we. >> pam: still ahead on kron 4. how some lucky online customers cashed in on some *very discounted plane tickets. and this father puts on some short shorts to send a message to his daughter and also, the latest on the new jersey boardwalk fire. there are so many things that we do on a daily basis.
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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: after the flames, the devastating fire on the new jersey board blocked. with 80 percent of the boardwalk was destroyed kathryn? >> today, they are still pouring water on the debris. "during this time, i'm >> looking up everything. i'm determine what caused a after the flames, the questions. tonight, arson investigators are on the scene of that on the jersey shore. estimates tonight indicate 80- percent of the boardwalk was destroyed. catherine heenan has a look at the devestation. >> catherine: today firefighters are still
8:31 pm
pouring water on the debris. nothing but charred embers where block after block of businesses and homes once stood. >> . caved-in buildings, no walls, no roofs. it just looks like a bomb went off. >> catherine: the fire went to eight alarms. 5=hundred communities. >> remember, a lot of these companies are volunteer companies, not paid companies >> catherine: no amount of water could stop the flames. >> "smoke was blowing down, we never thought that the building would burn. it started 8 blocks away, and it just rapidly went down, i never ever thought the building would burn from a fire that started that far away." >> catherine: in the end, it was a backhoe that saved the rest of the town. ripping up the boardwalk rebuilt after sandy. a cell phone camera captured the first moments of the fire. the starting point was apparentl a frozen yogurt shop. >> don't let her go in there! >> catherine: the cause of the fire, not determined. arson investigators and county prosecutors arrived on the scene today. governor chris christie says it's too early to draw conclusions. >> i know there are a lot of questions about how this fire started. we don't know yet and it would irresponsible for any of us to speculate.
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catherine heenan, kron 4 news >> pam: some lucky shoppers cashed in on some very discounted plane tickets. an error on the united airlines website. mistakenly offered tickets for zero to ten- dollars. christine dobbyn reports. >> reporter: dawnica jackson was booking a business flight to washington d.c. on united when the day got really interesting. >> "it definitely set off alarms, $5?!" >> reporter: it didn't seem right, so she closed out and rebooted her computer. >> "still $5. so i went ahead and booked it and i was like, let's see if i actually get a ticket." >> reporter: she had the confirmation number but was still suspicious. when she called, the agent said she'd check on the unusual price and came back and said it was a promotion. >> "during this time, i'm looking up everything. i'm like we're going here, we're going there. i was like, we're gonna do christmas in maui." >> reporter: although the maui tickets weren't $5, she says they were still less than normal. >> "i checked travel over thanksgiving -- $5 to san francisco, $5 to los angeles, $5 to san diego. i
8:33 pm
checked miami and tampa, $5 and $5. washington dc, $5, new york, $5. i was like you've got to be kidding me." >> reporter: a spokesperson for the airline says there was a problem for about two hours. it wasn't a computer glitch but says "one of our filings today contained an error which resulted in certain fares displaying as zero. we have corrected this error." so will the prices be honored after catching the mistake? united said "we are in the process of evaluating this and as always will do what is appropriate." >> "i want to make sure with my account getting charged that i'm going to receive my tickets." >> reporter: dawnica says they've told her she's booked roundtrip for a work trip and a personal new york getaway with her son spencer for a grand total of $15. >> "i don't know if i feel like i won the lottery but it felt nice to have good luck. it was just freaky." >> pam: jackson says, a co- worker also got a huge
8:34 pm
deal. booking a one-way flight to miami for just two- dollars- and-50-cents! united airlines says it will honor tickets purchased for the steal prices. because of the company error. >> a surprising new list from bankrate-dot- com. that shows where *not to use your a-t-m card! that list includes outdoor a-t-m's. gas pumps. restaurants. and online shopping! fraud experts say, if the information is compromised, debit cards offer direct access to your checking account they suggest using credit cards. which draw funds from the card issuer, and can be quickly restored when fraud is detected. >> still ahead-- our stanley roberts finds some homeowners behaving badly. when it comes to garage sales in the east bay. plus-- the very "short" lesson one dad used. to convince his daughter to dress more appropriately. >> this is the golden gate bridge we are looking at a lot of traffic with clouds
8:35 pm
and fog. we will tell you how long this weather pattern is going to last perhaps some rainfall? >> the now a quick look at today's market update. stocks continuing their september rally. the dow closed out its best week since january with a gain of 75 points. the s&p rose four points. and the nasdaq was up six points. we'll be right back.
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>> pam: a father in utah says, he figured it was a good way to teach his daughter not to wear shorts which were too skimpy. so he wore his own short- shorts on a family outing. this is scott mackintosh. who took a pair of scissors to his jeans - and put them on. then wore them when the family went out to a restaurant. >> we had plenty of arguments. it was more of me
8:38 pm
making a statement >> it was a bit of embarrassing. >> ".so it's ok". scott isn't sure that his message of "modest is best" got through to his 19-year-old daughter myley. and he hadn't counted on these photos getting so much attention. but he says at least his daughter knows he cares about her. you are looking a livermore resident taping up a sign announcing that there will a garage sale at her house very soon she does through great pains to make sure that sign is secured here are signs to yet another yard sale, this one is point me to a sale thatwell according to the sigh is today dozens of these signs and guess there was a yad sale and it was today go figure this is the owner second
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yard sale in the last three months [ mom ] in my family, we're big cereal lovers.
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'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. everybody craves those crazy squares.® (male announcer) now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> sale sign either this sign is for 2014 or i missed it, i'm going to go with i missed it it's interesting that people will go throught great pains to post a million signs but once the sale is over the signs remain most cities have ordinaces regarding posting signs and livermore is no different, one rule all temppoary signs must be removed with in 24 hours after the close of the sale or could be decalred a public nusisance the same applies to tempoary business sighs like
8:42 pm
this one posted on a pole that offers eyebrow threading and arm pit threading . really? most towns have fines in liver more the first
8:43 pm
violation 00 second is 200 and after that it hits 500 dollars but it's not hard to figure out who to send the bill to the after all the address is right on the sign livermore uses volunteers to clean up the mess but it is a form littering and is makes the brings down the neighborhood it's just like those political signs that are suppode to be down after and election thank goodness i didn't find any of those.oh wait i did this al phillips ironacally on stanley blvd maybe it's a sign in livermore stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or if you have a comment or story idea for sta unbelievable. shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep. and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm. in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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>> an amazing diary of leonardo da vinci's is making a rare appearance in the u-s. before planes, trains, and automobiles - options were slow, limited - and grounded. yet these sketches by leonardo da vinci show someone looking to the skies almost 400 years before the wright brothers' first flight. >> "there was not even a base or a foundation for him to say, ok, we've done this so far, now what do we do next? he was going so far beyond -- it's incredible to think that someone has that level of vision. " >> pam: this month. da vinci's "codex on the flight of birds" has made a rare trip outside of italy to the u-s. it's on temporary loan from the royal library of turin, to the smithsonian national air and space museum. the sketches show detailed flight vehicles and aerodynamic concepts made between 1505 and 1506, the same time da vinci was painting the "mona lisa."
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in sports. gary is joined by his lovely wife alicia. as they open the kron mailbag to answer viewer emails. . and the a's try to take step one toward putting a strangle-hold on the american league west. gary has the highlights plus 49ers and raid cut! i have no idea whats's going on. maybe you're the original really big chicken com, with curly fries and a drink for just $3.99. why the cowboyat? you're the barbecue chicken combo with two chicken patties, bacon, cheese, and barbecue sauc you also come with curly fries and a drink for $39. bubbles! i have no idea what's going on.
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>> gary: the oakland game is coming up the for-3 giving up the american league west. cespides third of the year.
8:51 pm
at one point, it was the score of 9-2. and it is no stopping the 80s here is it is o stopping the a's. the rangers have now come back it is 9-8. and as we speak nobody has scored. colin kaepernick raw so will some
8:52 pm
heat however, it is awfully strong. a couple of more words about kaepernick. >> you know, there was a time when there was a lot of good quarterbacks coming into the league. from right where the get go. >> all to believe that as what it comes down to. and that is what it comes down to, a good football player. >> gary: it took a couple of days but indeed the packers has been fined for out of bonds hit against colin kaepernick. out of bounds --. and the flying = $15 k! the -- fine = $15 k the
8:53 pm
jacksonville opener, they are 5.5 favored from the raiders over the jacksonville jaguars. kansas city just took them apart. chad henning will be the starter quarterback. and what is the difference? >> iupui that he is a solid quarter becky is a veteran. -i did think that he is a solid quarterback. and i do not think that we are going to have to worry. >> gary: we will just tell you that cal is going to be playing ohio state tomorrow .. and young aleica. >> john >> and just in three
8:54 pm
minutes. after the announcement that we're both going to be on and three minutes i panicked. however, she remained calm.. what do you have. >> jean says the super bowl favorite why are the underdog for the seattle game? >>gary: the last time that they played they talk to them apart. they took them apart and they say that this new stadium is going to be the crawcrowd they have the confidence and they can handle the 49ers and the crowd is one to be going. >> okay. and arnold says
8:55 pm
that do you understand that meriwether did not graduate high school. check yourself. >> this perhaps goes back to my radio show. what is he like 5 ft. 9 in., 150 lbs.. you know of that growing up in grand rapids, mich. he fought his way up to the top. and there are a lot of people what you like is what you like. and you remember ali.. point is that if you look to all of that if he comes into your living room. >> you kind of have to as a boxer, don't you? >> yes.
8:56 pm
>> let them talk. and and you are all in at $70 and also with the giants are hoping they will enjoy the a's with overpriced parking, and expensive concessions. >> it would see nice to see the oakland coliseum pact. >> please keep out your high school advice. >> and i keep repeating myself but people do not get it. when you get a scholarship and possibly a kneecap injury, a lot that is no fun. >> and also, i met you at the ballpark why did you
8:57 pm
tell me that i should have gotten a shave? >> perhaps i was jealous clock
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you sure this is it? this is it. what time is it? 3:20. i don't see him. he'll be here. mr. monk, do you think he really has information about trudy? what if he's lying just to get the reward money? what if he's not? you have the cash? give me the cash. look, i just don't want you getting your hopes up. natalie, i don't have an abundance of hope. let me enjoy the little i have, please.


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